Migratory Law :  VARGAS, GARCIA & ASOCIADOS provide their clients with all of the legal services regarding Migratory Law specifically on the obtainment of Immigrant Visas, Special Permits, Citizenships and Authorized Visas.

We also complement our services with the obtainment of Work Permits for foreigners.

Labor Law : VARGAS GARCIA & ASOCIADOS provide their clients with the entire Assistant with the presentation and handling of legal petitions and the presence at hearings.

Commercial Law :  On the branch of Commercial Law VARGAS GARCIA & ASOCIADOS is able to handle the following transactions: Commercial License, Trademarks and Intellectual Property.  

Corporate Law : VARGAS GARCIA & ASOCIADOS has an extent experience on Corporate Law in order to protect their patrimony and assets. We are able to handle corporations and Private Interest Foundation and Limited Liability Corps.

Administrative Law :  The partners of VARGAS GARCIA & ASOCIADOS will realize and present any petition and handle transactions before the governmental institutions who manage the issuance of permits needed for the development of their customer business.

Family Law :   VARGAS GARCIA & ASOCIADOS handles divorces, and visit schedules and any other legal transactions regarding the family 

Criminal Law : Our law firm is able to assist you through the presentation of criminal petitions.

Real Estate Advising: We provide you with the assitance and advisory on renting, leasing or purchasing real estate property in Panama.

Property Management: Our team takes care of all aspects of your property in Panama. From tenant relationship, maintenance, repairs and more. Click here for detailed information on how we can assist you.